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Frans van Gils Boomkwekerijen was founded in 1986 in Hulsel, the Netherlands. It all started with a few tunnels and one customer. Now the greenhouse covers an area of 12,000 sq. mtrs. with an annual production of 8,000,000 rooted cuttings in 130 varieties, delivered to more than 125 customers. This is excluding the unrooted cuttings.

We supply to almost the whole of Europe. We also deliver to Canada, North – America, and Russia.

The cuttings are tailor cut delivered by carefully selected plant suppliers, including our own company in Poland.

Frans van Gils Frans van Gils


After inserting the cuttings into trays they are put into containers that are placed into large climate tunnels (340,000 cuttings per tunnel). In these tunnels the cuttings are watered with spray units. The climate in the greenhouse is regulated by a computer.

Frans van GilsFrans van Gils

Root formation takes place in special climate tunnels. The time required for root formation is known to vary among different species of conifers. It can take six up to 12 months.

When the cuttings are sufficiently rooted, they are transferred to a weaning house. Here the cuttings are pruned to obtain uniform growing. Throughout the growing process the cuttings are provided with the right nourishment to ensure perfect growing after delivering the product to our customer.


Frans van GilsFrans van Gils

The products are delivered on CC-trolleys. However, if required, the cuttings can also be delivered in crates or in styrofoam boxes.

Frans van GilsFrans van Gils



Frans van Gils
Frans van Gils
Frans van Gils